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That's all, folks

After 16 years, 3 bars, and 94 Geek Nights, we have shut down Geek Night and deleted the mailing list.

We held the first Geek Night on June 18, 1998, shortly after Lycos bought WiseWire, where the organizers worked at the time. The first dot-com boom was just getting started. Table tags were the new hotness in HTML. Google hadn't been incorporated yet, but Altavista was going strong. Windows 98 wouldn't be released for another week. The big tech employers in Pittsburgh were Transarc (now owned by IBM) and FORE Systems (now owned by Ericsson). Telerama and Stargate were the most well-known local ISPs. Also, local ISPs were still a thing.

The final Geek Night was held on April 3, 2014. Thanks to everyone who attended for all these years!